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Frequently Asked Questions

A Student can join FIITJEE through our national admission test. Student can register for these test through our website “www.” or by visiting nearby FIITJEE Centre.

We are running program from class VI to XII/XII Pass

Syllabus of our exam is mainly the syllabus of previous class (like for a student who wish to join us in class XI, Syllabus will be of class X). But we always keep few questions which are of advance level of applications of the previous class, to know "who are the genuine scholars” FIITJEE aim to judge clarity of concepts and hold on fundamentals. We also provide class wise syllabus for our entrance exam.

Each program at FIITJEE is designed with an objective and linked with goals & milestones. FIITJEE prepare students for various competitive exams and build their fundamental base. Class VI is the right time to start building foundation on concept of math’s, mental ability and science. Although we recommend focused students who wish to climb the ladder fast should join these programs. These programs aim to develop logical thinking of the students required for achieving success in various competitive /scholastic exams including JEE in the future.

Frequency One Day/Week Two Days/Week Two Days/Week Two Days/Week Three Days/Week Three Days/six Days in case of integrated program/Week Three Days/Week 3,4 days/Week

When a student joins our classroom program we plan classes in a week in such a way that it leaves him/her enough time to cover school studies as well. but it is always advisable to complete the school work in school itself. However, preparation for JEE also helps students for their board/school exams.

Integrated School program is advisable as it is less Stressful & allows more time to Self-Study. The biggest advantage of Integrated School Program is "Students follow single system and that's the reason there is no scope of confusion. Integrated program is designed to save student time, avoid duplicacy of efforts, opposite pressure and provide more teaching time. Proceeding of topics in Schools and in FIITJEE may be different in Non-Integrated program. But in Integrated School Program, both are taken care by FIITJEE, hence students will follow a single plan for course proceeding. “However, both program are good, and it is a choice of student to choose program which they find compatible and fulfill their requirements.

Yes, we are running integrated program at two locations, one is at shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad and other is at Vasundhara, Ghaziabad.

Yes, FIITJEE Programs are comprehensive and aim to develop fundamentals and fresh thinking. It does help in JEE(Main), BIT-SAT, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads and other relevant exams during the course.

We have two centres at Ghaziabad, one is at RDC, Raj nagar and other is at Vasundhara, sector-3, Ghaziabad.

FIITJEE don’t have any franchisee centres, all centres of FIITJEE are company owned centres.

We don’t operate any transport facility, However independent transporter are providing this facility to our students.

FIITJEE has a rigorous recruitment process through which one can join FIITJEE as a faculty. Once they are selected, they undergo a rigorous training program, on successful completion of training, they become teacher at FIITJEE.A faculty member can be posted anywhere in India and abroad. It is not necessary to be IIT’ian to teach JEE, it require teaching aptitude and training. FIITJEE has a very powerful & systematic training process for faculties although we have many IIT’ian as faculty.

All centres of FIITJEE are company owned centres and follow uniform system. A centre which is close to your residence is best for you. JEE preparation demands lots of self-study time so one should avoid wasting time in travelling

Every child has a different learning pace. It is not the question of top order or lower order batch. Every batch has students with similar ability so that teachers are able to maintain a common pace of learning which is suitable for all students of the batch. FIITJEE believes in healthy competition and we make homogenous batches based on the performance of each student. By allocating proper batches to students, we ensure that every child is able to develop his/her understanding and learning pace to the maximum. Also, we reshuffle batches as & when necessary to keep students aware of the intensifying difficulty level as they continue to study with us.

Parents can check the attendance/marks of their ward online at ‘’ Besides, we also conduct PTM’s for parents. Otherwise you can also fix up an appointment with faculty members by reaching our Academic Operations Department.

FIITJEE conducts periodic test like phase test after each phase (Entire course at FIITJEE is divided into phases), Ai2ts, All India test series. At FIITJEE Ghaziabad we also conduct FAQ(Fortnightly assessment quiz) twice in a month for many program.

FIITJEE always anticipate and incorporate changes in curriculum, testing method etc. Like as JEE(Advanced) has been made completely online, we have also made our All India test series CBT (Computer based test)

FIITJEE selects those students who have the potential to prepare for JEE with FIITJEE System. Every year, it is observed that many students who performed average in our Admission test were able to clear JEE with FIITJEE training and their hard work. FIITJEE works upon improving the analytical and comprehension skills of its students. In the process, students also learn to apply these skills to solve intricate problems. This enables students to deliver optimum performance in any format of exam, including school exams. The most important thing is eye on goal and self study with patience.

The selection cut off in most of the competitive exams and in JEE (Main & Advanced) is very low and is generally in the range of 20% to 30% marks. In JEE (Advanced) 2016, the selection cut off was as low as 20.16% where student scoring 75 marks (out of 372 total marks) could also get a rank under General Category. FIITJEE system is developed very scientifically. Proven FIITJEE system and support is same for all students of all the batches. That’s why FIITJEE students are selected in JEE not only through top batches but also through other batches.

Yes, we do provide extra support to students who will be appearing in such exams. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it takes care of relevant Competitive / Scholastic exams. We comprehensively prepare students for Olympiads, NTSE, NSE, KVPY, JEE Main, JEE Advanced & other Competitive/Scholastic exams. Our students have been exhibiting outstanding performance in all these exams every year.

Our program for class IX/X are designed to lay strong foundation for competition and to develop competitive spirit among students, It also helps student to cope up the quantum jump in the level of difficulty in class XI.Joining a coaching institute like FIITJEE at an early stage has its own advantages like, Early exposure to Competition, Better understanding of Concepts, Problem Solving Techniques & Development of Analytical Skills, Learning new ways to deal with academics as it helps students to cope with the exam pressure in senior classes very easily, Early joining provides the Best & the most Competitive peer group. It also allows student to groom gradually and consolidate concepts over a period of time.

Having FIITJEE as a mentor at this crucial stage of your ward’s career will build a strong foundation and provide a clear vision for further academic planning. Even if your ward chooses any other stream after Class X, he/she will have that extra edge over peers as a result of FIITJEE’s meticulous pedagogy.

From year 2018, JEE(Advanced) will be conducted on online mode only. There will be two papers of 3 hour each of Phy, Chem & Maths. Students who wish to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2018 must write Paper-1 of JEE (Main) 2018 which will be held in the month of April 2018, Candidates should be among the top 2,24,000* (including all categories) in Paper-1 of JEE (Main) 2018 to be eligible to write JEE(Advanced)

40-45 usually

We have been providing highest number of selections in JEE(Advanced), JEE(Main), KVPY, National standard examination every year in Ghaziabad city. Please login to our result page for details at

Yes, we do it and help students in filling such forms.

We have been extending our help to all enrolled students in choice filling, ensuring all our students get placed in various engineering college of repute.